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Title: FabuZoo
Author: Dave Schefcik
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Category: In The Real World (Town/Train)
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Description: Welcome to the FabuZoo! See if you can find penguins, tigers, bears, alligators, an ostrich, a hippopotamus, a giraffe, an elephant, flamingos, polar bears, ducks, camels, pandas, spiders, monkeys, an eagle, chickens and more! Click the link to a bigger version hosted on Flickr: The zoo rises in height from only one plate high in the front to nearly 30 bricks tall in the back, not counting the rotating center tower. That forced perspective trick lets you see all the amazing detail at once rather than an obstructed view. This is a collaborative build by FabuLUG, a group of LGBT+ builders from around the country. Builders include Dave Schefcik, RJ Coughlin, Jessie Robertson, Bre Burns, Kevin Moses, Kevin Thomas, Ada Bui-Yee Chen, Eric Lloyd, Christopher Navoczynski, and Marci Hollingsworth.

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