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Title: Apoc Day Care
Author: Mariann Asanuma
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Category: Let’s Make Believe (Fantasy)
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Description: Just because the world is ending doesn't mean that someone isn't taking care of the babies. That job falls to Lucy and Emmet, although he's not to sure about it. There's plenty of things for the little ones to do at Apoc Day Care. Some are gathered around Emmet for storytime, others are getting a well deserved nap with help of the assistant babysitters, the Sewer Babies have taken over the play castle with their pet dinos, E.T. is chilling with the dolls in the corner, one is playing with the pet chameleon, while a couple genius babies are plotting world domination. Ah yes, just another day at Apoc Day Care for sure. All their mommies and daddies are busy struggling to survive, but for a this short time in their lives the babies have not a care in the world. More photos can be seen here --

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