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Title: Tronland amusement park
Author: michel magnan
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Category: In The Real World (Town/Train)
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Description: Layout consisting of 10 minifig scale fair rides, 7 of which built since March 2020. One was updated in that period of time and another was built in the fall of 2019. One has been shown a few times already (Kraken). Three are controlled by Mindstorm RCX (Fireball, Cosmic chaos and Flying ace), one is controlled by NXT (Sky rider), one is controlled by a simple program via Control Center 2 (Fender bender) and one is remote controlled via the new PowerUp equipment including two hubs and two medium linear motors (Crazy turtle). The remainder have to be manually turned on and off (Olaf's carousel, Kraken, Mixer, Spinsanity) More photos of the layout: Cosmic chaos, disk'o rollercoaster: Spinsanity, teacup ride: Crazy turtle, crazy caterpillar type coaster: Flying ace, balloon race ride: Fender bender, bumper cars: Olaf's carousel: Fireball: Mixer: Kraken: Sky rider:

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